Wally Jarratt Photography

Like most of you, I have taken photos almost all my life. However, I didn't begin to get serious about photography until the late 1990's when I dabbled a little in film photography and even owned an old twin lens reflex camera (cool piece of equipment). My first introduction to digital photography was not even through a camera, but instead I learned some basic photo restoration and that was how I started photography in the digital era.

I bought my first digital camera in 1997 and it was less than 1 megapixel, however in the day it was revolutionary. An image less than a megapixel was good enough for "maybe" a 4x6 noisy print, but it didn't matter...with this digital camera a whole new world opened up for me. To this day, one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken was with this camera.

Since 1997, I have went through numerous cameras and equipment upgrades in attempts to keep up with the ever changing technology of photography. And just like the equipment changes, my styles and my subjects have also evolved over time. There was a time when shooting sporting events was the bulk of my photography with a little bit of portraiture and wildlife and little to no still life or landscape. But in recent years, I have begun to do more barn scenes, still life and concert photography.

Needless to say, the types of photos you'll see here will be diverse. You'll see some sports images, portraits, wildlife, concerts, animals, Beagles, Route 66, motorcycle/biker stuff, landscapes and about anything else you might think of...in other words, you can find about anything here.

Again, welcome to the photo galleries.

Thanks for looking!