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Howard Paley(non-registered)
Nice work Wally! Wonderful to connect with you through ISPMB.
Larry Hassell(non-registered)
Very nice work, I was born in Blytheville in 1948 but have lived in Illinois for a long time.
Going through your photos was very enjoyable, when I get to the one of the Byltheville Laundry what a nice surprise. I see my grandmother when she was a very young lady. Have not seen the photo in many years. Thank you for all your work, brought back a lot of good memories.
John Shaman(non-registered)
Awesome work Wally. Love your portfolio. Your passion for photography really shows.
Sandra Hrabovsky Bevill(non-registered)
Wally, I can remember reading your precious mother's Letters to the Editor about the changes they were making to Main Street. She wrote the best letters!! And I so enjoy looking at the pictures you have here and on Facebook and reading the comments. It's nice to see that so many people still love Blytheville. Thank you for all of the work you put into this site!
Loman Craig(non-registered)
I lived in Blytheville, Ar....from 1956 to 1959....went to Sudbury Elem. and to Blytheville Jr High.Lived at 100 Dougan Ave.......what memories !!! Does anyone know of PAT MOORE ???
Phyillis Ray
I've was born here was born at the time it was called Walls hospital in 1959! I grew up on 527 east Cherry street! Went to subvert school 1st threw the 6th ! Went to west junior high and then moved on 61 highway they haven't put that in city limits yet. Mom and Dad had new house built on 1413 north Lee circle. So had to go too busted school for 7th then back to west for 8th and 9th! Then Blytheville high Scool 10 threw 12 th Guaurated in 1978! And still here left for awhile and came back lived in Steele mo for about 17 years! Florida about a year! Would love to find some one with class pictures for subvert school Mrs Walter in 3rd and Mrs pride and Mrs pain had a broke leg in 3rd grade and that's where they stand our class name was in front of my foot! Learn to read from Dick and Jane and yes I have some now but they are not the same readers book we had! If you could ,, could you help me out with some of this! I love seeing old pictures of Blytheville its home not the same today and that's a crying shame! Thanks for everything you post!!!
Brenda (Kendrick) Schultheis(non-registered)
I actually grew up in Gosnell and went to school there, but Blytheville is where I was born.
Jane Day Tiller(non-registered)
Hi Wally! I'm the youngest Day girl. That is Ricky Gill cooking the pug, right? Sure do miss him!
Ben Diaz(non-registered)
Hi, Wally! I enjoy the photos you share on facebook so much, that I had to see more! You have a good eye for composition, which is 90% of a good photo. Keep up the good work! PS, see you on the VOG.
Betty McGill(non-registered)
Your pics are great!! I always enjoy them.
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