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I photographed this event because of my lifelong love of the breed. Mydad owned beagles when I was a kid, and I have owned them all my life(even though I no longer hunt). I still have two beagles of my own now.

This event was photographed at the Camp Robinson Wildlife Management Area and it was a gorgeous day for all those involved.

I must say that of all the events and sports I have photographed, theBeagle Field Trials were one of the most challenging I have ever shot.Keeping up with the judges (who ran the pack all over the hillsides)and the packs of beagles was almost impossible. So I hope I was able tocapture the dogs doing what beagles do best...track rabbits. Watchingthe pack track the rabbit and listening to them cannot be captured by astill camera (maybe not even by a video camera).

So enjoy...and hopefully I have done the sport of "Beagling" some justice.