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Starroy Band
Little Rock, AR
December 22nd, 2007

I was invited by the band, Starroy to come to one of their shows (Sticky Fingers in Little Rock) and shoot some pictures during their performance. I was looking forward to going because my Stepson told me how good these guys were...and I had just received my previously defective camera back from repair that very same day...I wanted to see how it performed as well.

The good news is that both Starroy and the camera performed VERY WELL. They are a very polished band that appears to have a lot of fun during their shows. You can visit their website to hear some of their music. STARROY WEBSITE.

Here is their own description of their kind of music as quoted by their own website:

"Starroy is a band!!! Centered in the heart of the Midwest, only astones throw away from the home of the blues, and a quick nap from theland of country. Deeply rooted in the mud of the soulful delta &fixed by the funk & groove of the big easy… Some would say you’re aproduct of your environment. With that in mind, Starroy doesn’t falltoo far from the tree!!! This well traveled four-piece delivers its ownmixture of Country- Fried, Psychedelic, ROCK ‘n’ ROLL nightly."