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Blytheville High School Football

1916 Blytheville High School Football Team

1916 Team
Standing (L to R)- Joe Craig, Arthur Breckenridge, PaulRosenthal, Leman Gillespie, John hancock, Fred saliba, L.P. Mann(Coach).
Neeling L to R)- First one (unknown), Muriel Anderson, Cloud Proctor, Devon Brown, Alvis Hancock.
Sitting (L to R)- Bryant Vaughn, Darrell McDearman, Layfayette Mays, Clyde McGaughey.

The Faculty those years was:
Prof..Harvey Haley, Prof..L. J. Hough, Prof. L. Blackshare, T. J. Mahan, J. G. Sudbury, E. M. Terry, C. H. Windt, A. C. Lange