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Blytheville High School Football 2

1918 Blytheville High School Football Team

1918Team. I have a list of the entire team, but can't place them to thepicture because there are more names than players in the picture. Theteam was:
John Hancock, Darrell McDearman, Carl Haley, Tom Miller,Otto Ellison, James, Keyes, Fred Saliba, Edwin Walton, Nelson Thompson,Clyde McGaughey, Lehman Gillespie, Layfayette May, Paul Thompson,Bryant Vaughn, Joe craig.

The Faculty those years was:
Prof..Harvey Haley, Prof..L. J. Hough, Prof. L. Blackshare, T. J. Mahan, J. G. Sudbury, E. M. Terry, C. H. Windt, A. C. Lange